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I saw Picassos today. Picassos and Pollocks and and Webers and it was ALL FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEE! BWAHAHAHAH!!!

Kevin and I went to the SF MoMA and abused his status as a Bank of The West customer. A lot of places are apparently doing a special with the Bank, allowing people in for free. We stood in line for an hour, creeping our way up the stairs and across the catwalk like bridge to the Picasso exhibit.

It's one thing to see a Picasso, to joke about his abstract work and make all the old cliche jokes, but it's another to actually SEE it and see how it changed of the years. What I really liked was that the exhibit really focused on how Picasso influenced American artists, some who I had never heard of before. There would be one or two Picassos, and then around them would be works by Americans who tried to capture the same style in an attempt to bring the cubist movement into our culture.

After that, we went down to the Munkacsi exhibit, a photographer I had never heard of before. His work was amazing and it was fun to see it all spread out - from simple street shots to his travels all over the world, to the mock up pages for a book that he never published. There was a set of three photos that he had taken of a man and a woman who were obviously in a deep and distressing conversation. The body language that he managed to capture was just so revealing, almost invasive, and completely beautiful.

It's been a good Memorial Day here in The City. Today was so warm and sunny that Kevin and I knew we had to get outside because staying indoors today would have been criminal. I'm glad I live in a place where there is so much to see and do, even on a lazy holiday.
One of my favorite scenes in "Children of Men" (and I didn't have a lot) was when Clive goes to visit his cousin and they ahve breakfast and they talk about things and ON THE WALL IS GUERNICA!!! Could you imagine?
What's Munkacsi's first name? I wonder if he's related to Kurt Munkacsi, the guy who engineered & produced many Philip Glass recordings.