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King Henry died bloated drinking chocolate milk

More fun with the muni today. Stopped once again right before West Portal, we were told to board the L, only to then be told that there's smoke over at Embarcadero so we have to get off. They offered a shuttle bus to Van Ness and by the time I got there, muni was up and running so I took whatever train I could to get to Montgomery. I was only 20 minutes late. Ugh.

As I'm sitting on the shuttle bus, squished in, hot, angry and frustrated while more and more people get on, some lady was all "exCUSE me, *I* am disabled!" in order to make me move. Yeah, okay, I'm sure she was but for the first time in my life I really wanted to play the disabled card right back at her. You think it's fun standing on a weak ankle on a crowded bus where you can't really gain your balance very well? You wanna play this game bitch? Fine, let's go. Instead, I just stood up and hung from the overhead bar and talked to the nice people around me.

There were some BEAUTIFUL people on the muni today, though. There was one guy who could make the finest suit look comfortable. He had a laid back look with slightly messy hair, no tie around his white collared shirt and not a speck of lint on his well tailored blazer. It's the kind of look that could make any suit seem like the perfect attaire to wear lounging at a beach. The guy screamed out for a hot summer night and linen pants.

Today was a flat day. My hair was flat, the commute to work deflated me, and by the time work was done I wanted to inch along the pavement like an anthropromorphic piece of paper along 2nd and down to Market. Of course, the wind would have carried me far away and up off the streets. And then probably under the wheels of a bus or something. Yeah, it was that kind of day.

The Sak called me to set up a 2nd interview. At first it looked like I could do it tomorrow, but then she said no, someone won't be in town that day, so then she asked for Monday or Tuesday but I just got my schedule and I'm working both days. I'm tryinig to get someone to cover for me but UGH! I just want this interview so badly!!!!

I got paid today. To celebrate, Kevin and I went to Target where I bought cat food, cat litter, undies and socks. I know - I'm so hardcore. And I'm being REALLY good and pretending that I DON'T live in a city with two LUSH stores, even though I have no bath bombs, bubble bars, aqua marina, or soap. SIGH.

I'll be in Davis sometime tomorrow, not sure quite when yet, but I get to sleep in a bit. Will be in Davis until Thursday. Maybe, if worse comes to worse, I could leave Davis right after my meeting at 1pm, be back in time for an interview at 3pm or 3:30ish. The Sak said that I would need to block off a couple hours for this interview (gasp!) so who knows if that would be enough time. I will know more tomorrow. THINK GOOD THOUGHTS FOR ME!!!
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