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I forgot to mention that I have a BIG interview with The Sak (giggles like a five year old) on Wednesday. I'll be meeting with four people about the position. In preparation for the interview, my mom and dad graciously allocated the necessary funds for me to buy a nice suit. Even if I don't get this job, having a suit that looks nice will be important if I WANT to get a good job (not that my current one isn't fun but dude - it's part time and twelve bucks and hour. This is not okay).

SO - Sara and I went to Banana Republic and found a fantastic outfit. I seriously think I look hella sexy and Mean Business™. For your benefit (and also because I haven't posted a current pic of me lately) I present to you Margaret - Business Lady of San Francisco:

Dude! Skinny Meg in kickass suit! Nicely done! :)
Thanks! Mom had to hem the pants up about four inches for them to fit right :)
(Deleted comment)
The pic of my zoomed in boobies which you so elegantly took was DAH-LEEEEEEETED! This one's the best you took :-P
Splendid! Hot, sassy, and a little bit Mona Lisa. Work it, chica. Work it.
Thank you! I am totally gonna knock some socks off on Wednesday (or at least I hope to!)

PS - next time you're at the Saturday class, please say hello to everybody for me! I have a post card I've been meaning to send to the studio for weeks now..
Will do. People have asked about you.

Hey, that tall, slim guy in the Saturday class who rides a motorcycle and used to do aikido â” do you know his name? Yep, I've seen him there every week for ages and cannot remember. Plus, I wish to flirt with him.
Does he have very short hair that's slightly going to grey and some chin scruff? (I think he was growing a beard when I left....) Because I want to say his name is Michael or Mitch but I think that's all wrong....
Sounds like the right guy. Well, Michael or Mitch is closer to "that guy over there." I may have to break down and admit my ignorance to someone else in the class.
I'm trying to track down my CNY edition of the newsletter because it would have his name in the back...usually I can match up the person that way....

And I'd agree that he is flirt-worthy :)

If they don't give you the job i'll hire you!

Your are looking good!
hahaha! Awesome :) That's totally the impression I want to make on Wednesday :)
Yes indeed - way hot!
Thanks! The cut of the suit is just perfect for me: it makes my legs look longer and defines my waist. Every now and then I stumble upon an article of clothing that is finally suited for my figure! Hooray!
Wow. You look really good.
Thank you! Gosh, I keep saying that tonight, but really - thanks. :)
Wow, I almost didn't recognize you ... Knock 'em dead on the interview!
Thank you! I'd reeeeeeeeeeeally like to get the job!!

You should come up and visit SF sometime! Or, I could come down there and finally see LA...
You're starting to look like Angelina Jolie...in a suit!
Ooooooooooooooo I wanna look like Angelina Jolie....but I lack the necessary boobs for the part...
My goodness, do you look fabulous! And you look very confident as well.

About the fair tomorrow... I may be there, but I don't know what time. I don't really feel like it, but I'm obligated to meet the brother of a good friend of mine, who's in town on his way to LA, and the fair is the only time to meet him, apparently. So, I'm obligated.

I'll keep a lookout for you :)
No worries on the fair! I think my roommate and I are going early, but early is all relative (it's 9:15 right now and I am not getting fully dressed until I have my coffee!) but we'll keep an eye out for you as well. If we don't meet up, we'll just have to find a good walk to go on sometime else :)
*whistles* Yowza! STAMP of approval :-D I say the only reason they wouldn't hire you is because you intimidated them with your badass-sexiness of the Meg variety, and they didn't know how to handle it.
Hahahah that's so awesome :)
WOAH! You hardly look like the same Meg!

This is very power suit stylish. If you don't get the job, it's not because you don't look the part.
I'm going in guns blazing and customer service skills sparkling. :) Wish me luck!!