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I forgot to mention that I have a BIG interview with The Sak (giggles like a five year old) on Wednesday. I'll be meeting with four people about the position. In preparation for the interview, my mom and dad graciously allocated the necessary funds for me to buy a nice suit. Even if I don't get this job, having a suit that looks nice will be important if I WANT to get a good job (not that my current one isn't fun but dude - it's part time and twelve bucks and hour. This is not okay).

SO - Sara and I went to Banana Republic and found a fantastic outfit. I seriously think I look hella sexy and Mean Business™. For your benefit (and also because I haven't posted a current pic of me lately) I present to you Margaret - Business Lady of San Francisco:

Does he have very short hair that's slightly going to grey and some chin scruff? (I think he was growing a beard when I left....) Because I want to say his name is Michael or Mitch but I think that's all wrong....
Sounds like the right guy. Well, Michael or Mitch is closer to "that guy over there." I may have to break down and admit my ignorance to someone else in the class.
I'm trying to track down my CNY edition of the newsletter because it would have his name in the back...usually I can match up the person that way....

And I'd agree that he is flirt-worthy :)