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My cats are big fat liars

On my walk from work today, I was mesmerized by the woman in front of me. She wore pencil thin stilettos and her ankles dangerously rolled with ever step she took. I could not tear my eyes away from her feet, thinking that at any moment her ankle would turn under, sending her crashing to the pavement and causing her joint to pop out. I envisioned seeing broken bone piercing through the skin and horrible cries and a big scene. Instead, she managed the walk down Mission to Second in her fast, pigeoned footed pace without an incident. But then I turned on 2nd to get to MUNI and she continued along her way. Perhaps further down her feet gave out. If so, I think I'd feel somehow shafted that I missed it.

I keep meaning to write more about my time out here - like how Kevin and I went to the Haight St Fair and had a wonderful time walking up and down the street, looking at all the vendors and how I danced to the band playing - completely free and without care. I was also without sunscreen and totally got burned.

I'd also tell you about how much I love flirting with the boys in the kitchen at Salt House. They're all about my age and they are some of the best guys I know. If I get the job at the Sak and keep my job at the restaurants, the downside would be that I'd probably never work at Salty again - they really only have shifts Monday through Friday and only during the day. I'd miss my chefs so much. Even Richey was sad that I'm only working there one day a week, so I told him to stalk me on MySpace.

Tomorrow is the big day. Thank you guys so much on your positive responses to my outfit! I feel like Danger!Meg in that suit and I know I mean business. I'd really like to work regular days, regular hours with a regular schedule. And it would be different - I've never done anything in the fashion world, but I'm a fast learner and just darn spiffy like that. So at 1pm PST, turn towards San Francisco and think good thoughts for me!!
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