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Today Kevin, Emmett and I went to the North Beach Fair down by Washington Square. It was a beautiful day to go walking. Emmett met us at Forrest Hill station and we got out at Powell, thinking we might take the cable car up to the park. However, the line was long so we decided to hoof it up Powell, across Union Square and then up Stockton through China Town until we could see the fair.

The first thing we saw was sidewalk art, followed by a whole lot of vendors, most of which we had already seen at the Haight Ashbury street fair last weekend. It wasn't as wild, but it had a very nice, quite feel to it. The sun was warm and the breeze cool. We ambled around, the boys bought pizza, Kevin and I took photos like the tourists that we are, and we moseyed back along Columbus to Montgomery to the muni station.

Life has been going well if not busy. I'm not sure exactly how the interview on Wednesday went - I know I did the best I could but as I left I thought of a billion ways I could have answered questions differently. I was also the first of the final round of interviewees, which is good and bad. First impressions are the best, so I hope I made a real fabulous one. They told me they should know by the end of this week. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'll be working at Salty now two days a week which makes me happy. Tomorrow I'll make the reservations for mom and dad to come and have lunch with me in July. I worked at Town Hall yesterday from 10 until 5 and kind of wanted to shoot myself in the foot. If I ever do another Saturday morning shift I'm going to bring something to read and something to do or a puzzle book or SOMETHING because it was the boringest way to spend seven hours on a beautiful Saturday. Ugh.

Good news on the weight loss: I lost 6 pounds this week, bringing me to a grand total of 121.5 loss over nine and a half months. The extra walking I did this week, added with the strict supplement diet really helped. I will keep doing the extra walking this week because I am getting even closer to my healthy "target" weight which, for my height and age, is around 160lbs. My doctor said that once I get down to the lower 170s, high 160s, we'll schedule a body comp test. This would be the first step for the realingment process. I'll know more of what my fat percentage is then and make the choice on if I feel that I am ready and at a weight that I feel I can healthily maintain. Hooray for me!
yes, hooray for you!