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I got my first cat call as I walked past the house painters on my way to the bus stop

Ended up having to work at Town Hall and cover both phone lines. AGAIN.

Had my weekend taken away from me.

Went back over to Salt House to help them with their dinner menus and office clean up because all hell broke lose over there. Or something.

Had the only days I work next week taken from me.

Saw a wonderful play about baseball and homosexuality. But mainly about baseball.

Also saw full frontal male nudity. HOT.

Will probably go to Sacramento on Monday to catch a midnight showing of Transformers, seeing how I, like, DON'T WORK AT ALL next week. But roommate doesn't really want to take the train to Davis for the 4th, so that means I have to drive to Davis on Monday, come back Tuesday afternoon, only to drive BACK to Davis on Tuesday evening. Toll alone will cost me $12, half of a train ticket.

Overall? Yesterday was a might bit crazy.
Cat call, eh? If it was wearing that suit of yours, I'm not the least bit surprised ;-)