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I'm headed to Davis tomorrow, will be there around lunch time. Ben and I will be going to see a midnight showing of Transformers because we are geeks and this is how geeks show their devotion and loyalty to a cartoon they watched many many years ago. I remember these casette tapes that turned into dogs. Those were the ones I remember. Odd, I know, and most likely NOT going to be in the movie, but yeah.

I did laundry today. I cleaned my room and made my bed. Is there anything better than freshly laundered sheets? Well, maybe making out on freshly laundered sheets, but that's not going to happen. Instead, I will settle for the joys of a clean bedroom and a clean bed.

My living room is mocking me with it's clutter. I should clean and will clean because sitting here on the futon while Sasha sleeps next to me, emminating disgusting kitty farts is not exactly productive nor enjoyable.

I should watch some Dr. Who.

I finished Ben's scarf a few nights ago and am now in need of another project. I should learn how to make an afghan or a sweater. I like that I can find free patterns on line. that makes me smile.

Oh, and I can still rock the cryptoquotes like nobody's business. I credit Abby for this gift because she used to give me the craziest cryptos ever.
You should watch all the Doctor Who in the universe! Let me know if you want to borrow Season 2 as well...
I DO want to borrow season two! We are having a ball with Nine and you know I lurve 10. We're slow in watching, though, but will return it to you sooon (and in return you get De-Lovely)
That's right, there will be an exchange of hostages! I look forward to it.
Bad Wolf was on PBS last night. Naked Captain Jack......*lives the happy memory*
Mrrowr! Oh man, I should hook you up with Torchwood discs too... (I've managed to get just about everyone in my household through the whole series. It's been Jack-tastic.)
I think we could go for a little Torchwood in this apartment. We've been having a lot of fun with the good Doctor so I think some good Jack would only make things better :)
you need more cryptoquotes ... i can always get you more!