First off - Transformers was a MUCH better movie than what either Ben or I expected. We went in knowing full well that it could, and probably would, be two hours of suckiness. But how can you NOT go see Transformers? I mean, come on now. Plus, the reviews said it was a mindless good time.

Most everybody in the theater was within our age bracket - there were very few kids there and the few that were present were probably brought by their parents/older siblings/aunts or uncles. The movie was good with some solid acting, decent story line, and fabulous graphics. My one and only major complaint is that there seems to be a problem with mass. The Autobots and the Deceptocons were MUCH larger than what their transformed shape was. Where did all those extra bits of metal come from, hmm? But otherwise, fabulous summer movie.

I have some good news - The Sak called me and, while I didn't get the job I interviewed for (as suspected) they have another customer service position that JUST opened up. Jim called me right away and said that everybody was impressed with me and my experience, so he emailed me a copy of the job description. It's a little vauge, and I'm wondering if I want to be in customer service my whole life, but it IS a full time job with FULL benefits and would probably pay more than 12 bucks an hour. This calls for a lot of consideration and yay - they liked me enough to think of me first.

Tonight I am headed over to Sara's for a BBQ. I originally thought the BBQ was going to be on the 4th, so now I don't know exactly what Kevin and I will be doing tomorrow. However - there are bike races to watch, movies to go see, picnic lunches to be packed, and 105 degree weather to enjoy. I bought a sundress to wear tomorrow to beat off the heat. I think I look cute in it but I may have to get a second opinion. Last sundress I wore earned me the wolf whistle. Hooray for finally being objectified. It's such a special moment in a girl's life. Really it is.

Anyways - it's time for me to get my geek on. Hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday!