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Whokay - long over due for a post here....

As I said to Lissa today, there are some times I kind of wish I was back in Minneapolis so I could hurl myself off the Foshay tower. She laughed and agreed - it would be so romantic. Chef Eric asked about the Golden Gate Bridge and Lissa brushed him off - it's just too cliche. But the Foshay Tower? It would be a short flight but ever so art deco.

I have *another* interview with THE SAK on Friday and, as much as I love my Salty boys and the bohemian life of a reservationists, after today and Monday (the story of Monday includes, but is not limited to, me doing nothing to stop A-Rod from canceling his reservation for that night. Yes. A-Rod. The man whom we would have slaughtered babies for if he wanted to feast upon their tender flesh. Bald eagles? His. Sea Otters? Done) I kind of want a job that doesn't involve me having to work the job of two people and sounds impressive when I tell people what I do. And a real pay check? And real hours? Yes. Yes I think I can do this. So hopefully they think I can do this too (they like me well enough that, while I didn't have experience for the last position, called me right up last week when this one opened up).

Tomorrow I will be going to Davis and I'll have my body comp test done. I've started to eat more real food. Right now it's just salad and fruit, but I am now incorporating some meat too. In fact, after I write this, I am going to grill up 3oz of pork and have some asparagus (I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!) and a salad. I am so hard core.

Kevin and I finished Season 1 of New Who. I am wondering who Billy Piper slept with so that she could be OMG STAR! of the companion world. Not that I really hate her or anything, it's just that I'm slightly annoyed with her and the whole lovey dovey thing with her and the Doctor. I might have to bring back some Old Who that I know mom and dad have to compare Companion reltaionships with the Doctor. Because damn. She sucks. But not really. It's just...hmm.
Billy Piper kinda grew on me.... and it was funny when Madam Hooch took over her body and made her Uber-Cockney in the second season :-)

and good luck with the SAK!
You're annoyed with her now? Oh just wait S2 is even worse. *runs back to her wonderful audios where the companions do stuff*
Yeah, but the few episodes of season 2 that I have seen I didn't hate her all that much. Even when she had to switch universes because alternate earth blew up or something. I just don't like the relationship with the doctor. Like, when they aren't talking about it (or, rather, not talking about it but the subtext is hitting you over the head with a brick) she's just fine.
S2 is when they went full force with the Doctor/Rose ship. I remained in deep denial up until the last three minutes of Doomsday myself, but it's there. And they are really annoying about it. But there are several episodes of S2 that I love. Tooth and Claw and all of the episodes with Cybermen. But you know of my love for Cybermen.