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So my dad, knowing that I had had a kind of bad day yesterday (which is over and done with) granted me permission to drive Veronica while I am house sitting for them this weekend.

Veronica happens to be my father's corvette. A burgundy wine corvette convertible who is seriously, seriously sexy and knows it.

Veronica goes from zero to *gasp* in EEK! A fact which, I might add, Ben and I found out today. We leisurely took her out to lunch at Dos Coyotes in South Davis and then, realizing that we had about an hour and a half before our movie started, decided to see what she could do.

So I hopped onto I-80 and then to Hwy 113 headed up to Woodland. However, highways were not meant to really highlight was Veronica can do, so we got off at Covell and went down to County Road 99.

The sun was bright, the wind was warm, and the stretch of road in front of us was empty as the void of space. As for the scenery, well, it was a mix of browns yellows and green as we went from zero to sixty faster than my body could realize what was happening. It was still back at the stoplight on Covelle and Lake by the time I took my foot off the excelerator. I never pushed her above 80, but instead enjoyed the silken feel of the road beneath me as I cruised at 70. Passing a car was the easiest thing I had ever done.

I'm not a gear head. I know NOTHING about cars or machinery or how things work in an engine. What I do know, though, is that in a perfect world, I would be a stunt driver because when I get behind the wheel I become one with the car. Veronica and I melded minds and suddenly I was faster than the wind that tried to race us and I could hardly catch my breath because I was laughing too hard.

Nothing, nothing at all, will come close to the thrill of a fast car on a sunny empty stretch of county road.
Reading stuff like this is so bad for me.

I want to be green and environmentally conscious and reduced carbon footprinty and BLAH BLAH BLAH, but I also remember how much fun it was to floor the gas when getting on a freeway on-ramp. I almost look for excuses to buy a car sometimes.
Well, to make you feel better, I myself will probably never OWN a corvette or a sports car and deep down inside I really want a hybrid....

But that will never stop me from driving a sports car when I get the chance :)