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I can't call y'all 'cause the cell phones are sucking it up hardcore. I know things are crazy, but if you could please drop me a line and let me know if you, people I know, people I kind of know, people whom with I was once acquainted with are okay, I would greatly appreciate it.

And let me tell you, I've been doing pretty well with curbing my anxiety of driving over the bay bridge but this? This does not help.
Cell phone coverage is actually cut in most of MPLS so internetz im's etc is the way to go. US Internet has set up free wifi in downtown+ so people can get in touch with loved ones.
yeah, and I still have a 612 area code which means that I can call out (as long as it's not to the cities) but no one can call me. But texting does work. Glad to know you're okay!!
Yeah I was on the other 35 when it happened. I didn't hear about it til I got to the grocery store and people were trying to figure out what happened. Then got the whole lowdown from MPR and TV when I got home. Scary but sounds like suprisingly low casualty rate. I hope you hear from everyone soon!
Thanks, I hope so too. It's just too crazy to watch and I'm actually kind of glad I'm not in the city right now...