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Well, not YOU, gentle readers. I am referring to the asshole denizens who frequent the Target at Daly City. Actually, Daly City AND Colma. I am starting to suspect that both places were built on a hellmouth, which is not too out of line to say seeing how Colma was built purely to house the dead of San Francisco.

What I am trying to say is that the Targets out here are nowhere remotely close to the Targets I knew and loved back in Minneapolis. My Twin City readers will know what I'm talking about. A bad Target experience might happen occasionally, and then usually only around the holiday season. Perhaps it's our proximity to the headquarters of the corporation, or perhaps it's just our good spirited, midwestern nature, but shopping at a Target is never a hard thing to do. Carts are available (usually) and people have a general idea of how to deal with aisle traffic. The layouts, for the most part, make some geographical sense so finding things are not that hard. This is what makes Target so much better than Walmart (or at least one way).

But from my experience out here, Targets are no more than Walmarts with red paint and more narrow aisles. And oh god the kids and the families and the general lack of courtesy when it comes to navagating carts around. Ugh!

In short - if I don't find another, better Target, I may have to start shopping at Walmart because while it's probably the same, the prices might be a little bit better. And hey - who needs a soul anyways?
I vote it's HQ proximity. Cause it was the same in NY. So many targettos.... Normally Target is nice and clean and well....good. In NY? It was horrible Targetto badness. Here? A Target HQ employee is likely to be shopping at every damn store!? Out on a coast? They'll never even visit.
No! Don't go to the dark side! Um, shop online? Or tell me what you need and I'll go to the nice Southside Target for you. I need an excuse to get out of the house (and my own head) anyway.
Oh my god Meg, come home for a visit and we'll go to our new Midway SuperTarget. It just opened at the end of July. It's so clean and huge and fancy and new. All the staff trip over each other offering to help. I'm sure the shine will wear off a little as it ages, but right now it is the best Target experience available. I think I went there three times in the first week it was open. Even the parking lot is pretty and well landscaped.
If your shopping for housewares, furniture, or meatballs, Ikea can provide. Don't go to Walmart. They skin puppies to make a 7 pc. puppy skinning set for only 4.99 (w/ puppy leather handles)
basically, I know the Target experience you speak of; the one in Yakima is like a morgue when it comes to finding live help, and it's populated by any of the following people: white trash, Mexicans with no sense of fashion, or single moms with kids that they cannot control. But trust me, my dear: Sprawl-Mart is ever so much worse.