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Well good friends, it seems like my knife juggling career needs to come to a stop. While we're at it, we might as well take off my goal of "most pierced woman" too. In fact, my dream of becoming a sideshow performer seems to have come to a screeching halt. After the past few months of my platelet levels steadily climbing into the low 100s (mind you, 120 is the lower end of the healthy range), they decided to take a nose dive this past week.

For those at home paying sharp attention to my strange and somewhat random affliction described as idiopathic (meaning the doctor's an idiot and the patient is pathetic), when platelet levels reach 100, doctors get a little concerned. When the levels dip below 50, doctors tend to get more nervous. And when they plummet down to the 10s and 20s, that's when doctors like to prescribe steroids because patients can spontaneously hemorrhage, resulting in fun things like aneurysms and death.

My platelet level this past week? 24.

So what does this mean? Who the hell knows. I've heard it called "Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura" but the thing is, I'm not showing any other signs of ailment except for my platelet levels dropping and rising (I have been getting over a nasty cold, and levels do seem to change depending on viral infections). I haven't seen any purpura (they look like tiny little red dots on your skin), I've NEVER, in all of my life, had a bloody nose, no blood blisters in my mouth and my gums haven't been bleeding. So, as my doctor said a few months ago, the remaining platelets that I do have are the few, the proud and the brave. That's right folks, my platelets = The Marines. They will fuck your shit up, yo.

What I DO know, however, is that I don't have any health insurance currently, the doctors might want to put me on steroids, and Dr. Huynh mentioned bone marrow biopsy. There was talk of this last fall back when I was in Minneapolis but my Hematologist decided it wasn't needed (I miss him so much right now). And really, if I don't have to have someone drill a hole in my hip bone, I'm okay with that. No, really, I am.

So there you go folks. It's been 11 months. I've lost right about 130lbs and I'm finally out of the weight loss classes and into skills. In six weeks I should be eating like a somewhat regular person, probably around 1600 - 2000 calories a day depending. And despite that, despite ALL THAT, my platelets are still being pissy little bastards.
sounds to me like they need to mate. Maybe if you get busy, they'll start to multiply? Good theory at the least. Go get all makey-outy with some random guy! go! do it! even if he's gay!

Ok, if it doesn't raise your platelets, at least you'll have gotten some makey-outy action.
I will gladly make out in the name of science. GLADLY.
I'm worried about you. Don't die. That's an order.
1) I love your icon

2) I love you.

3) Dying at this moment would severly put a damper in my current plans.
Just keep #3 in mind and we'll all be good. *hugs*
jesus! get well.
The crazy thing is that I DO feel well! I just have a tendency to like, not stop bleeding, or, maybe, randomly start bleeding. I'm hoping the platelets that are left are being extra millitant until we can figure what the fuck is going on.
what blood type are you? You can have some of my platelets!

And yes, please don't die.
I think I'm A Positive...and thanks for the platelet offer! Hopefully I won't need them....or bone marrow...
ooooo.....*I'm* A positive! Gimme a call if you start hemorrhaging!
(Deleted comment)
I am seeing a doctor tomorrow to go over what to do. I have the numbers of some free clinics in SF, so I can hit one of those up if I need to.

It is serious shit but it's also hard to feel anything but frustration and bizarre humor at this moment until I have a better idea of what's going on. I seriously wish I knew because this is really bugging me.
I want to add another voice of "don't die" to the resounding chorus. That's scary. *hugs*

FYI...I will be in CA Sept. 1-7. What are you up to during that time?
Weell...I'll be in Davis on that thursday!
woman--it sounds like your body is being a fantastic bitch right now, messing with you. this happens to us more than we know, but now that medicine has gotten all technological, they can find out stuff that used to remain hidden... until we suddenly and mysteriously died. so hey, don't die. don't juggle knives. don't freak out TOO much about the platelets. do what your docs say. maybe you can get these tests and then, well, don't pay the bills back. pay about one dollar a month and they can't send the collectors after you. how do i know? a doc at the U of A once told me that when my body decided to go insane on me in my first year of the MFA program. btw, you are funny. very funny. and i love you.
Well, hopefully I'll figure something out....I'll know more tomorrow after talking with the doc...

And right now? Humor's about the only thing I've got to keep me going :) Love you too :)
You need platelets, stat!

Just an FYI - platelets look yucky. They look like a mixture of congealed urine and pureed vomit. Yummy.

Are they going to put you on steriods? If I remember correctly generic predisone isn't all that expensive.

If all else fails, your Marine platelets need to get busy and make little military brat platelets.
I think I like Abby's suggestion that inorder to get them bus-ZAY! I need to get some action myself. And I will state, once again, I will GLADLY make out for the sake of science.