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If, that is, by sexy I mean completely and totally f'd up. I've bullet noted the rest of this message for ease of read:

• Was not able to see a doctor today due to severe breakdown of communication. However, Dr Hernried (the head of the program) took a look at my labs and called me as I was driving back to SF

• Platelet levels are at 34, higher than last week but still low enough to freak out Dr. H

• My glucose level is very very low and has been low for the past few months. YAY! I have just been given a green light to consume even more calories in hopes of bringing that level up! BOO! I'm hypoglycemic! The funny part? Dr H wanted me to get a glucose meter, but then quickly nixed the idea because he doesn't want me sticking my finger. YOu know, platelets and all.

• Dr H, in his amazingness, found a hematologist in my area, not too far from my apartment, who will gladly see me next week as to figure out what the hell is going on re: platelets and glucose.

• This hematologist? It turns out he and Dr H trained together back at UCD. The only reason Dr H called him was because he was the only hematologist in my zipcode.

• In short: I am asymptomatic re: platelets and glucose. Still not hemmorhaging, still not passing out, depsite the fact that my labs say that not only should I be squirting blood all over the place, but I should also probably be in a coma, or something. So who the hell knows.
Glad to hear you're doing a little better. What's the first real food you're going to eat now that you have the green light to eat more calories? Something chocolate? Or are you going to be a good girl?
It's a pretty strict re-alemtation program, I've already been on step A for about 3 weeks (which takes away 2 supplements and replaces them with a real meal of limited lean protein, but lots of veggies). Now I am going straight to step B in which I add MORE lean protein, dairy, and eggs. Hooray!
more information and still no answers, eh? very frustrating. i wish i could eat as healthily as you do. i think i'd be a happier camper.
Well, I should know more next friday (hopefully). Of course, I may have had this my whole life and never had a problem with it at all, and we only now know about it because my blood is being tested so regularly. Mom said maybe this is a case of ignorance is bliss. Ah well

As for eating healthy - at first I found it daunting. How am I going to do this? I don't know what to eat! How many calories are in this?!?! AKK!! But the internet is an AMAZING resource. And believe me, if I could, I would be binging on ice cream and candy bars and pizza. However, seeing all the work I've done to get here, finding easy recipies (like the CC&Y I just posted about) or taking the time to make better choices is the path for me...