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So many of my friends know that I don't eat breakfast. I hate breakfast - most of the time it leaves me feeling logey and gross for the rest of the day. Sometime along 6th grade I looked at morning cereal and it make me feel sick to my stomach. I stopped eating breakfast from then on, and when I would have some, blech!

A few years ago when I did the South Beach diet (which, by the way, when I start eating regularly, I will probably do something similar but not quite the same) I had to eat breakfast again. Even though I made my scrambled eggs very light, I still hated the heavy feeling I would have for the rest of the day.

Recently, though, my mom gave me a recipe for a cottage cheese/yogurt blend which I am now able to consume. When mixed with fruit (and mom adds some go lean cereal to hers, I might do that in a few weeks) it is AMAZING.

Normally I HATE cottage cheese - I LOATHE the texture of the curds and end up wanting to hurl. However, the CC&Y blend tastes more like cream cheese and I like to flavor it with a bit of sugar free coffee syrup.

Fat Free Cottage and Yogurt blend (courtesy of Jan Bridge)
32 oz non-fat cottage cheese
6 oz non-fat, plain yogurt
4 packets of imitation sugar (I used splenda)

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl or food processor until smooth (I used my stick blender - YES, despite my low platelets) and store in your fridge.

For an 8oz serving:
Calories - 144
Fat - 0
Protein - 24
Carbs - 10.4
Fiber - 0
Sugar - 8.7

In addition to making a great breakfast treat, it can also be used for dressing when making chicken salad and the like!

Today I mixed mine with a bit of caramel syrup and added 6oz of white peach. Now I am going to go out and run some errands. Hopefully the lightness of the breakfast will not make me feel gross and logey for the rest of the day!
I know what you mean about breakfast foods -- I usually eat breakfast, but I have to keep it to something like fruit and protein rather than something with a lot of carbohydrates or fat. Eggs and oatmeal just don't do it for me.