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After I eat my breakfast, I'm going to walk down to Borders and buy some books.

I go through phases when it comes to reading. But let me explain that I need to read something before I go to bed. I can't just crawl under the covers and close my eyes, no! Bedtime is a full process of reading and then sleeping. A chapter or two, a hundred pages or so, and then shut eye. Mind you, this sometimes mean that sleep get the short end of the stick when faced with a really good novel. Also, before bed is really the only time I ever read. I don't like lounging about reading when there's daylight to be wasted (or movies to watch, games to play, walks to take, you know). Reading is a bedtime only activity. In fact, I pretty much hate to read anywhere but my bed.

ANYWAYS - like I said - phases of reading. It's basically this:
• read new book
• finish new book
• bemoan the fact I have nothing to read
• stand in front of my library and continue to say that I have nothing to read
• spend the next month or two reading nothing but books I've already read before, in case I've missed something or just for the nice, comforting feel of reading something I know I love
• get the hankering for a new book
• go to book store and spend copious amounts of money
• rinse and repeat

So - here's the deal: Right now I'm currently re-reading Hart's Hope (Orson Scott Card) and Lost in a Good Book (Jasper Fforde), and when I'm re-reading two books at the same time, it really means I need to add something to my arsenal. Spook Country (William Gibson) is out and my parents loved it. I think that the new Thursday Next book is published and I'm already in a Jasper Fforde mood. People have been talking about The Road (Cormac McCarthy) and I love me some good post apocalyptic novels. Plus, Palahniuk's novel is out and you know I lurve him something fierce.

So what are you kiddies reading these days? Anything I should pick up on my next run?
Do: anything by Michael Chabon
anything by Dick Francis

Don't: the lastest Jonathan Kellerman

I dig Fforde, too.
I love Michael Chabon. I just finished his latest novel and have read The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, as well as Summerland. I find his narrative simply amazing and his use of metaphores is so ballsy that I'll believe anything he writes. If he tells me that the wind moved like a threadbare jacket on the back of an emaciated man, I will totally buy it, hook line and sinker.

I know nothing of Jonathan Kellerman.

Fforde is also wonderful and I find myself allowing him to break any rule he may have already had because it's just so much fun. I only do that for few authors, and Fforde is one.
Vernor Vinge's Rainbows Edge
Give me more to go on than just that :)
I just read its full text online in the past week. I don't like reading novel length works off of my laptop.

A man wakes in the near future, cured of his Alzheimer's.

And for some reason I typed the title wrong it is Rainbows End. Oh, and it's up for a Hugo
um, your high school year book. pull it out and reminisce ...
My high school year book is for reference use only.
You should use this: http://www.goodreads.com/