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Things of NOTE!

• Met up with Will yesterday in Menlo Park at a nifty cafe. We talked for about three hours and it was a touch of SNC right when I needed it most. To my midwestern friends, both SNC related and Twin City denizens alike: I miss you guys a whole lot. I miss our obscene amount of physical contact, whether it's tons of hugs and groping, or something as random as being tackled. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be out here, but I realize just how close we all were out there and how important a good hug can be.

• Friday is going to be INSANE. I have orientation at new college, registration, lunch with family (YAY!) and then a hematologist appointment, all within the span of six hours. Then this weekend is the first weekend of class. Randall, the head of my group (we're named ZANZIBAR! Like the Zanzibarbarians and their exploding wigs of DEATH!) called me as I was at coffee with Will and we talked a bit about the accreditation issue. When I told him that I thought my best bet was to continue on with the program due to the fact that a) we haven't lost the accreditation YET and b) all the responses that were written by people in my program were amazing, he said he is so glad that I'm in their program and it's people like me that really matter in the world.

• September is my month for music and I am a very happy camper. On the 4th, David, Diana and I are going to see The Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Independent, and on the 15th (barring no class) I'm going to see Thievery Corporation, DJ Shadow, and Kinky at The Treasure Island Festival. I'm totally stoked.

• Work continues to be worky, but let me tell you what: it totally pays to be nice to the pastry chef. While some of the things I have tried are COMPLETELY not part of my diet, they are SO GOOD it's like an orgasm on a plate. The Chocolate Semifreddo is, there are no words to describe it that can be published on a family friendly livejournal.

• I AM happy to be out here. I'm happy that classes are starting soon. I'm happy to be working at an insane, crazy restaurant with wonderful people. I'm happy to have a card to our apartment's workout room. I'm happy to have a roommate who will burst out into random bouts of showtunes with me as I cook dinner. I am happy that I'm a hell of a lot healthier than I was this time last year. Sure, I wish a few things could be better, but September looks like it's going to be a blast, I think I'm going to visit folks in Vegas in October, I'll have my first Thanksgiving in Davis in years, and then December is just a hop skip and a jump away - a year since I applied and got the ball moving, headed westwards at speeds that make your eyes water.

PS - I have to bring a page of current work to read outloud to the class on Friday. Do you know how much I hate having to pick something??? IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF FICTION WORKSHOP ALL OVER AGAIN! AAAAAAUGH! Laurie - that's an ice breaker for you, one that will drive your students mad!
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