1) The write up of New College will happen. In the meantime, please know that I am still very happy, despite the metric shit ton of homework I have. Next weekend is class and on Sunday I will be giving a 20 minute presentation on the importance of absurdity in fiction. To highlight my point, I will be presenting this using finger puppets. Meaning - I have a week to finish my other homework, create my presentation, and make finger puppets and a cardboard stage. GO TEAM ME!

2) I find it rather silly that I am having a hard time consuming enough calories in a day. In truth, it can be REALLY easy to consume enough, however - I want to make sure I am consuming the right kinds. I mean, if I am burning a minimum of 300 extra calories, I could easily make that up through bread, candy, treats, etc. HOWEVER - that would be very BAAAAAAAAAD. Also - I'm not always hungry. Blah. This balance game SUCKS!

3) In a week I should get my first pilates DVD as recommended by Pasta Queen. This whole weekend I have been working out - 30 minutes of the eliptical and 30 minutes of weight lifting. I am looking forward to varying my routine, especially now that I know I can dedicate myself to one.

4) Okay, more homework. Yay.