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God! It's like they expect me to be CREATIVE! What kind of Grad School IS this!??!

In a few hours David, Diana and I will be heading over to Treasure Island to assault our ears with fabulous music from the likes of DJ Shadow, Thievery Corp, and Kinky. I am totally fine with this, and, in fact, support it 100%.

This morning I woke up and did my 25 minutes of weight lifting, 33 minutes of elliptical, and then - because I was feeling that ambitious - did 25 minutes of pilates. I have a feeling that my abs will revolt against me tomorrow and I will hardly be able to stand.

On the plus side, I can now go 3 miles in 33 minutes on the elliptical. That's pretty darn nifty in my book.

This afternoon I also tried my hand at making an omelette. I've never made an omelette before, but figured it couldn't be THAT hard. After looking up instructions online (how did we survive before the internet? I mean really. Next I'm going to look up how to tie my shoes, just in case I forget one morning. I could happen) I prepped my food and made an attempt.

Damn thing totally fell apart.

However, it was insanely tasty and I will definitely try my hand at them again. It also had 50 grams of protein. That's AWESOME.

Want to know something funny? Of course you do, you're reading my livejournal after all. So back when I was fat and unhealthy, I never craved candy bars. I would have them now and then, but I could pass them up easy. I could walk by the rows upon rows of them at walgreens and grocery stores and never feel their pull or hear their siren song. Vending machines never had me digging through my pockets for change or tearing apart my backpack in search of one more nickel. In the past month, though, I have become a slave to chocolate. At first I thought I could justify it by only buying the GOOD stuff - the dark chocolate that was sinful, that had a past, even a reputation. You know, the kind that was expensive so that means I wouldn't buy it as often. After a week I was buying midnight milkyways and hiding them in my backpack, shamed of what I was eating, gnawing away at the chocolate like a squirrel, nervously looking up to see if anybody had spotted me, keeping a keen eye out for predators.

Of course, my weight has gone up this month. Hooray. So much so, that it's getting hard to fit into my jaw dropping dress that I will be wearing in Vegas next month.

I'm not giving up chocolate because it's physically unhealthy (in small doses, dark chocolate is actually good for you), but rather because it's something that I can't control. I have a horrible vision of me grubbing quarters at the bus stop just so I can get a few nickel bars of hershey's chocolate. Today marks my third day with none of the chocolatey goodness.

Right now, I want chocolate so bad I am just thanking god no one is going to ask me "what would you do for a Klondike bar?" because bloodshed may result.

I am choosing to think of this more as an experiment than anything else. I want to see what effects time with out chocolate will have on my weight and mental state. And, because I am either just insane or possibly merely masochistic, I am also giving up soda this week as well - yes, even diet soda. Once again, it's more of an experiment than OMG SODA IS EEEEEEEEVIL! I just want to see how a week or two or three might effect my body.

Just to let you all know, I'll be going to Vegas for my birthday weekend (october 12 - 14). Carolyn, we need to connect because if there's a chance of seeing you, I would totally come a day early if you have time (and a place for me to sleep....)! Please let me know how your schedule looks and I can modify mine (tickets have not yet been purchased).

So there you go folks. Tomorrow morning I meet with my advisor and we'll have a little coffee pow-wow down in the mission. I am freaking out over my writing because I'm allowing it to become too big of an issue for me to tackle. I just need to sit back and have some fun, and not let my workshop instructor (as wonderful and amazing as she is) intimidate me. I AM good, I don't CARE if this is the first draft my cohorts will get, it WILL be blood on a page.
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