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As I've said before, this is the first time in eight years that I will have a good, Californian autumn. And, true to nature, any time I move to a new city the weather gets all weird and funky.

I drove to Davis last night and as I was nearing Vacaville I started seeing water on the highway. Surely, I thought, this can't be left over from rain. It's late September! Rain doesn't start falling until November! Besides, it was nice and sunny in San Francisco (but that doesn't say much, this city is known for its indian summers, although people are saying it's too cold). But sure enough, this morning I woke up to rain falling. If it weren't for the leaves on the trees I would have sworn that I was home for Thanksgiving. So much of my internal clock is govern by the weather. I have no idea how I'll handle this winter.

Oh wait - I know. I'll be loving the fact that there's no snow and it's well above freezing. SUCK IT, BITCHES.

My skills class was excellent today. We talked about over eating and anxiety/stress induced over eating. I don't really over eat when I'm stressed or anxious. I over eat when I'm bored. The key for me is to know when I'm hungry and when I'm eating just to fill some void in my body. There's a maxim at OTC now, a mangled quote that I said last week, that has resonated with many people in the clinic:

If you are not physically hungry, no food will satisfy you.

So I'm working on ways of filling that void. Doing homework, tedious as it is, is a good way. Keeping my hands busy, also good. Exercise, of which I have been doing more and more of, is also a great way to combat this - especially because it not only burns calories, but it boosts my metabolism and I don't feel hungry for longer periods of time.

If you remember my goals last week of no candy bars and no soda, I'm proud to say I have done excellent on both those accounts. I replaced the candy bars with a delicious protein bar. I practiced saying "no" and making a hand gesture of "pushing away" whenever I pass the rows of candy at a store. I have only had 3 cans of soda this whole week, which is fantastic seeing how I would consume more than 3 cans in a day. As a result: My weight is down a pound this week and I feel more in control of my choices. My goal is to continue with the experiment this week to see if my progress continues.

Kevin is gone to Minnesota this weekend for his brother's wedding. In his absense, I don't know what to do with myself. It's not that I see Kevin a lot anyways, even though he LIVES here, due to work and whatnot. However, tomorrow New College is doing something like "reclaim the green" in which they take over two parking spaces in front of the college to encourage more parks in public spaces. I am bringing a loaf of zucchini bread that I have currently baking in the oven.

Fun story about this zucchini bread? I got it from our sous chef who lifted it from our executive chef. It's been modified because Chef Bob didn't really write down everything, and I've modified it a bit more from that. I have no idea what the zucchini actually DOES to the bread, seeing how it's mostly just flour, sugar, eggs and oil and you can never REALLY taste the zucchini anyways. I mean, it's not like banana bread in which the ever delicious flavor of banana is present in every delicious mouth full (I have bananas in my freezer right now - I'm making two loaves for class next weekend) but I suspect it's due to the fact that once you start growing zucchini you end up with mountains of the damn vegetable and so you start throwing it in anything you can. Bread? Needs zucchini. Muffins? ZUCCHINI! How about mashed potatoes? CRAM IT FULL OF ZUCCHINI!

Tomorrow I'll also be getting my pay check, paying bills, doing homework, and trying to be productive. I WILL NOT spend my day watching Heroes. Nope. No sirree bob. Nuh-uh.


I will fly out early on Thursday morning and meet up with Carolyn who is staying at the Imperial Palace. We will paint the town red, or something to that effect. I'll get to see Ben on Friday afternoon/evening. Saturday plans are up in the air until Saturday night, in which Chris, Carolyn, Ben and I will get all gussied up, go out to dinner and then see Spamelot! I'll hang out with Chris on Sunday before I fly out that evening.

I am soooooo looking forward to this!

And as an extra bonus - my parents, in all their wonderfulness, got me an early birthday present and bought my tickets! HOORAY!! This will be a very fun trip indeed.

And as an added bonus for you all, I'd like to direct you to...
Star Wars - The Musical

I love that it's my generation that's doing shit like this, and really wish I could meet a guy who woke up one morning and though "Hey, you know what would be a great idea? Putting Star Wars to music and make it sound, you know, GOOD."
Last year it started raining in the first week of October. In 2004, mid-September.
Global warming, I tells ya. To me, rainy season starts in November and lasts until February.

But then, that's going off of hazy memories that are 8 years old and from the central valley. I have no idea what our climate lis like here in the city. Having to wear a hoodie in June was MIND BLOWING.
Yeah, I've been here 3.5 years now and still dress completely insensibly most of the time. I'm slowly getting better, though, and I've come to appreciate the cool, foggy days after 80+ degree days. I suspect my "localization" is nearly complete ;)
Spamalot is a blast! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. This Sunday's Strib had an article about places to go in Las Vegas that are off the beaten path. Here's the link.

Interesting about Star Wars: the Musical. A friend producer wanted to do a show with this title this year but was denied the rights by Lucas Productions. Perhaps this is why.
(that should be "Fringe producer", not "friend producer."
Ooooh! Thank you for the link! I've only been to Vegas once before, and that was spent drunk and in the company of hundreds of computer hackers. I'm looking forward to seeing the sights and what not.
Is that a new qigong move, then?

Seriously, woman, I am going to have to steal that. As I type this, in fact, I am ensconsed in Luna and I am typing and alternately shoving bites of chocolate chip cookie down my gullet. Oy. I'm going to have to start saying to the chocolate, "Talk to the hand, baby, talk to the hand!"
It's something one of my classmates in Skills recommended. He said he learned it from tibetan monks. It's the physical movement that really helps - it solidifies the words. I like talking to food now. It makes me feel stronger than my urges.
The geeks of our generation are absolutely amazing. I SO would pay good money out of my measely grad student salary to see Star Wars - The Musical. :-)