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This poll is prompted by my friend Ben, who is the only person I know who doesn't like the smell of rain. Of course, I haven't asked a lot of people and it doesn't always come up into conversation, so I figured - what better way to find out than a poll? I like polls.

Poll #1073252 The smell of rain

Do you enjoy the smell of rain?

Yes! I open every window in my house, water damage be damned!
No! It smells like dirt and mold. I'd rather inhale musty socks.
Eh, it's alright. Nothing I'd dab behind my ears or anything.
I have no sense of smell.
You don't have my option up. I like the smell of rain, but I don't like the smell of worms that come with it.

How are you feeling?
Good but still kind of bleh. I need a vacation from my vacation! :-P

PS - re: lost in a fandom vs Vegas trip...life immatating art or art immatating life? :-D
indeed an enigma.....