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I'm doing something else

I don't feel inspired to work on the novel I have committed myself to. It comes and it goes. In the meantime, I'm doing something else. Something that has been on my mind for the past two and a half years. Here's the start of it all for you....

Four seconds is not a lot of time.

Of course, that doesn't mean four seconds is not time.

In four seconds, you could give your mother a kiss on the cheek or hug your friend. Try it sometime – four seconds is not arbitrary. In four seconds you could make a stranger on a bus serverly uncomfortable by locking eyes with them and refusing to look away. Most handshakes only last a second, if that. So next time make sure you hold that grip for four times as long. Start counting to yourself as you make your physical connections, see just how long four seconds can last.

In four seconds you can make a kiss mean something, you can squeeze the hug a little tighter, you can make a stranger feel more attractive, you can make a client feel worried.

And for at least one person every two weeks, four seconds can make them realize that all of their problems, all the little details of life that they let get to them, infiltrate their minds and disrupt their happiness, all of those things could have been fixed. All those problems could have been solved. Happiness is not something that is lost forever. Except now they have just lunged themselves off the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean is cold and unforgiving. Laws of physics are bent for James Bond, they are not bent for suicide cases.

And besides, what is four seconds to an ocean?
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