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How to build a revolution by reading trashy romance novels

Another good weekend of class. In critical theory, Elizabeth and I got on a tangent about girl porn, Nora Roberts, and how reading romance novels is an act of resistance. Elizabeth and I need to write a paper on this. We had a lot of fun. This all came out through a discussion on Marxism, by the way. Go fig, right?

Workshop today was also good - we discussed what blood on the page means. I have a whole better understanding. Hooray.

30 Days of Night = ridiculous. No, really. I had a hard time believing that an Alaskan town would only have ONE FRIKKEN AXE. However, I did enjoy laughing my ass off.

We had an adventure here tonight. At about 6:30 or so, our power went out. Kevin and I went out into the hallway to see if was the whole building. Sure enough, the whole hallway was black. Then I heard some voices - there were some girls stuck in the elevator on our floor. They were really kind of freaking out so Kevin and I stayed with them until the firemen showed up and got them out, about 20 minutes later. The girls were so thankful that we stayed and talked to them. They told us they'd give us a fruit basket.

The power stayed off for about two hours. We realized that if we wanted to GO anywhere, we'd have to take MUNI because my truck is in the garage and hey! no power in the garage! yay.

I have other things to talk about, but right now I am ZONKED.
Tags: fun with blackouts, movies, new college
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