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Meg:1 DMV:1

I finally got my truck registered today. I will have to say that the Daly City DMV is really a well oiled machine and staffed by some really nice people. This was evident the first time I went and the nice lady took pity on me and the fact I had no idea that registering a truck in California would be so difficult.

Today I went in with all my paperwork and my smog certificate. The woman typed it all into the computer but for some reason the smog ID number wasn't registering in their data bases. The woman talked to her supervisor, they double checked my paperwork, and decided to give me my plates and stickers anyways.

Fred is back to being a Californian truck. He is very happy.

Right now I am cooking up some chicken breasts for next week and then I think I'm going to go on an adventure up on Union Street. I need to stop by Lush and I haven't been to that neighborhood yet. It's a beautiful day outside and seeing how yesterday was spent cleaning and groc shopping, I owe it to my self and my ever so cute being to get out there and do something fun.
My 2000 Toyota Corolla is Fred, too.