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and I have class this weekend.

Remind me all to tell you about the following:

1) Meeting up with clearmind, Liz and Jim in Berkeley on Thursday night and the conversations that ensued.

2) The BART ride home from Berkeley, the stranger I met who looked like a young version of Raffi and the conversation that ensued.

3) Walking around San Francisco with Liz and Jim today and the joy that is The Exploritorium

4) The email I got when I came home from work.

Time to go to bed now. Cannot think. Body aches. Head filled with cotton. And OH MY GOD UGLY BETTY + WICKED = OTP
I think you should take a trip to MN in early Jan. Avenue Q is playing at The State and I need someone to go with me who totally appreciates it. :) Plus, we could run amuk like old times.

I miss my Meggers!