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The cold the Richey had at work this week, turning him into a being of unimaginable assholeyness, has found its way into my body, assaulting my very being with its unrelenting viral prowess. My skin has that fuzzy feeling. I tried to explain this to Kevin - my skin just feels...fuzzy. Kind of like I have a static electricity field surrounding my body and everything that I touch just feels...fuzzy. Kevin just looked at me like I was a fool, but, you know, in a good way. In a loving, I'm your roommate and I love you but you're so on drugs, way.

By the way, when I'm sick, I have bizarre dreams in which small Filipino men who happen to work for a major campaign organization have amazingly hot sex with me in office supply closets.

I also had to call my advisor this morning to let her know that I was dying and needed to get better. The problem is that I when I woke up and grabbed the phone, I would go back to sleep and dream that I called her. I would then wake up, realize I hadn't called her, grab the phone again, only to fall promptly back asleep, dream I called her to tell her, then wake up again. Repeat about five times. Yeah - I didn't make it to class today.

I've been asleep most of the day. Kevin and I are ordering Chinese food. I'm buying and he's going across the street to buy me some theraflu so I can go to class tomorrow.

Legally Blond, the musical, is on MTV. It's not really appealing and yet neither of us can turn away. I have the excuse that I'm slowly being eaten alive by invading viruses. Kevin has no excuse except it's a box with pretty colors. And he's gay.
my bf Sarah N knows the lead girl from Legally blond the musical, cool huh, anyway miss you and in an ironic way the way to solve that is to come to the city and not miss you... again... meh