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Kevin and I just got back from seeing Mika (pronounced mEE-kah) down at the Warfield here in San Francisco. It was AWESOME. Half the population of the theater seemed to be made up of highschoolers, most of them from the drama club. There was a group of them in front of us along with someone's little brother. He could possibly have been their mascot, we don't know. Whatever he/it was, he/it had definitely seen "Step Up to Dance" one too many times.

Now I realize that, perhaps, my friends list isn't familiar with the joys that is Mika. He doesn't have much airplay here in the states and that's a real pity. I learned about him through my sister in law Tif, who is blessed with some fancy radio that lets her get all the international joy.

So who is Mika? Um....think Freddy Mercury, think Elton John, a little of the Scissor Sisters, and throw in the mix fuzzy bunnies, rainbows, lollipops, and handfuls of glitter. It's really hard not to listen to his songs and feel grumpy afterwards. Here, let me show you:

This is "Love Today" and it's an insane toe tapper that got the whole theater jumping up and down

Not tapping your toes yet? Okay, let's try a little "Grace Kelly." This was basically my theme song this whole summer and it made me feel a lot better when I was kind of rejected by a guy I was digging:

Now that you have that, this song is for all my curvy lady friends, I know you're on my list and I know you know that there's only been one song that pays tribute to the joy that is the larger ladies. Well - guess what - Queen has been usurped in the Big is Beautiful line! (Warning: This video contains ladies in corsets. I'm looking at you, clearmind)

And now because everybody needs an acid trip now and then, I present to you Lollipop.

It was an awesome evening and I will never - EVER - be able to listen to "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" EVER AGAIN.
I have friends who were there tonight! =)
I'm so glad you had fun. He puts on a hell of a show. "Love Today" was nominated for a Grammy, but lost out to some Justin Timberlake thing.

Funny thing about my fancy radio that introduced me to Mika... I was listening to Ethel on XM, which is the alt-rock station. It plays a lot of The Killers, Wolfmother, My Chemical Romance, Shiny Toy Guns, that sort of thing. So I nearly drove off the road when I heard "Grace Kelly" that first time, because it's SO not part of their format, and it hasn't been played there since. (Since then I've added the euro-pop station to my presets and it has made me happy what with the Mika and the Lily Allen and the Newton Faulkner and the Paolo Nutini.)

He's in iTunes US, people. Download it. Live it. Love it.
He played here as well...and a friend of mine recorded a good portion of the show which she later played for me. He is quite interesting, I must say.
Well done, Meg. Instead of doing homework, i watched all those videos and now I must have MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!