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I pledge to post as much as I feasibly can, even though I will be at work and won't have access to my livejournal.

I pledge to read my friends list and comment on as many posts as I possibly can within reason (no, I will not spam your entries, I'll just actually show that I do read your LJs everyday).

I pledge to contribute to communities I am a part of with helpful suggestions or poignant questions.

I pledge to use my PAID account to the fullest. Maybe even throw up a poll, maybe even a phone post, and possibly add a few more icons to my collection.

I pledge not to listen to the whiney emo kids who are unclear on the concept of the business world in which servers + bandwidth = money, free accounts + ads = money to make up for the fact that you are using an awesome service for free and basically freeloading off those members who wish to pay for their service, and that consumerism is, on the whole, not a bad thing.

Will day of silence make a difference? Nope, not at all, not in a little bit. Why? Because the people who participate in day of silence are too lazy to move over to the "free" sites that use the same LJ open source code but not lazy enough not to whine about the whole "unfairness" of the situation.

I will also point out that one days strikes rarely do any good. Union strikes, hunger strikes, sit ins - all of those usually go on until their demands are met or until the police come to break them up. If you REALLY wanted to make a difference, you would deny LJ your business for as long as it took for them to realize that you and your community mean what you have to say.

And really, all you participants of Day of Silence are deluding yourself into thinking that SUP actually cares about you, your journal, your information, or what you post. They are just a business. And, with any business, you can chose to take yours elsewhere. Yes, it is a burden on you, and yes, you may lose some information (however, there are many free programs out there that will allow you to archive all your past entries), but if you are REALLY serious about "sending a message" to SUP, the removal of your money will send a greater message than the removal of your content..

If you would like more information on countering the LJ Day of Silence, I recommend this post by cortana and this post by theanklebiter. A quick google search for "lj day of silence" brings us this entry by theredzebra1. "content strike live journal" brings up a lot of pro-content strike links, but also a few "hey guys, let's not be lemmings" posts, such as this one by al_fuego.

Over in the "real world," there is an article posted on c.news, LJ to be mute tomorrow.

Everybody has the ability to make their own informed decisions on what to do about their LJs tomorrow. You can chose not to post anything - efficiently silencing yourself in the hopes that SUP will listen to voices it never heard to begin with; you can chose to post a lot which could conceivably use up their bandwidth even more (this is particularly good if you have a non-paid account); or as one user suggested in the c.news article, you can delete your account for one day - I'm sure they'd see THOSE numbers. Or, better yet, delete your account for the full 30 days...but...but...could you live without your livejournal for THAT LONG?
Personally, I think the LJ/SUP isn't a very SMART business, seeing how they appear to be going after "how much money can we make?" and avoiding "how can we make our clients happy?" However - seeing how many people are on livejournal, active or not, I can understand why they don't care as much - I don't think there is one, solid, unified MAJORITY on LJ. Everybody's a minority in some sense when you get to be as huge as you are. However, despite LJ/SUP being stupid businesswise, they still aren't fucking up to a degree where I need to take my business elsewhere.

Now, without any research, I would hazard a guess that a majority of LJ users are probably teenagers, perhaps female, who honestly don't care that much about the business practices of this company.

Also - with a keen eye to Godwin's law - When do you think the comparisons to nazi german will be made? Am I a nazi supporter just because I happen to stay because things haven't gotten bad enough to leave yet? Will they close the border and make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to take my business elsewhere? When will they start the ethnic cleansing (or have they already attempted to what with the earlier strikethrough epidemic and then, more recently, the filter on the search page that was recently removed?)
Everybody's a minority in some sense when you get to be as huge as you are

And that's it exactly. LJ/Sup is big. Bigger than people realize. They don't need to cater to the individual groups. It would be a good idea to stop pissing them off though.

Most people don't care about the business practices of the company. I understand that they are a company and they will make money and really they haven't done anything to impede my ability to enjoy LJ so why do I care? I think that's most people's stance.

And really they may have crappy customer service, but they still offer the best product. I have wordpress, insanejournal, and journalfen accounts and frankly the main reason for not moving is that LJ provides the best service. I'm not gonna move to a site that doesn't offer me the services I want unless the majority of fandom moves. And fandom (as a whole)only moves when better technology comes along.

Godwin has probably already been invoked. Go check out the lj_biz or lj_policy posts. Bet there's something there.
I would imagine it would take A LOT to get all of fandom off of LIveJournal (although that strikethrough incident definitely got a lot of panties in a wad).

Somewhere in my search for anti-content strike posts I came across a comment that basically stated people who were participating in this "strike" were taking themselves far, far, faaaaaaaar too seriously. I agree with this, because the community that follows LJ policy seems to be a community all on their own.

Questions - is LJ a fandom? y/n

As for Godwin and perusing the Lj_biz/Lj_policy posts - while I have the day off, I think my time is better spent doing the dishes and cleaning then wading through sixty five billion posts of WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH! although the offer is rather tempting. However, I need my brain cells to get me through grad school.
I think LJ could be considered a fandom. Certainly has enough wank for it.

Fandom only migrates with better tech. Things that make the fannish experience better. People may move, but fandom doesn't.

Maybe the f_w write up has it?
It's not really a fandom until someone writes fanfic about brad and the goat....wait, I said it so it must already be out there...I...I hazard to look *bites nails in fear*

I don't think anybody could really make the LJ experience better outside of livejournal. ALthough, in the world that most of the LJcrazyfans live in, LJ would be free, have the best customer service availble, admins that scramble to their every whims, no trolls, no crazy folk, and nobody that doesn't act or think like the rest of the 13billion journalers...or something like that....

I didn't see any godwin on the f_w write ups, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough?
I'm sure someone somewhere has at the very least speculated about Brad/Frank. I know there is Frank fanfic as I've seen it.

A lot of LJers use crazy troll logic don't they? Course I'm not sure how many of them had to find an invite code to get onto lj in the first place. The Brad run LJ was not the Utopia people like to think it was.

Maybe it actually hasn't been invoked. That'd be weird. I was sure this had been going on long enough for that.
would writing slash about the admin be considered RPS? As much as we like to *think* that those admin are real people, I don't think they are. SUP ROBOTS! SUP ROBOTS!

We need a good fandom name for the batshit LJ users who actually care about this stuff. I think my brother is an early adapter and I got into LJ before the invite codes, then had the invite codes to give away, and then they got rid of them again. As for all these new online journals that use the same code as LJ, I really do wonder how long they will remain free. I mean, JF was free - I got in without paying and without a code, but I know that's not the case anymore. I have a feeling that will be the case for GJ, IJ, and others if they really do open their gates to the LJexpats.

I think something really, truly EPIC has to happen in order for Godwin to be invoked. I'm still amazed that the whole filtering of interests went so unnoticed. Granted, it was fixed, but there still hasn't been (to my knowledge) an official appology or an explanation for why they decided to filter out anything that appeared to be LBGTQ centered.
I thought there was an apology on lj_policy? I could be wrong though.

blogshitters? LJbats? I don't know.

GJ is practically dead now. It couldn't hold up to the strain. Anyone who's tried to go to f_w during an epic wank knows that their servers can't handle it. IJ is much like LJ back in the day only with ads. I don't hold out hope for them being able to take the strain.

And that's the thing. In order to take the strain they'd have to do something to pay the bills. And then we'd have this situation all over again.
You know this, I know this, anybody who has actually thought about the issue knows this. However, blogshitters live in their own little entitlement world in which all services are free, FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Because, you know, ideas are free. *insert some comment on freedom of speech, or something*

I like blogshitters, I really do, but I wish there was a way to get LJ inthere somehow.
The problem is that the vast majority of people are not only idiots they are sheep. So they see someone they think is smarter then them making a post about STRIKE and thus go STRIKE.

Thinking for yourself is hard.

Blogshitters has a nice ring to it, but something with LJ in it would be more appropriate.