Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

On March 21st....

I pledge to post as much as I feasibly can, even though I will be at work and won't have access to my livejournal.

I pledge to read my friends list and comment on as many posts as I possibly can within reason (no, I will not spam your entries, I'll just actually show that I do read your LJs everyday).

I pledge to contribute to communities I am a part of with helpful suggestions or poignant questions.

I pledge to use my PAID account to the fullest. Maybe even throw up a poll, maybe even a phone post, and possibly add a few more icons to my collection.

I pledge not to listen to the whiney emo kids who are unclear on the concept of the business world in which servers + bandwidth = money, free accounts + ads = money to make up for the fact that you are using an awesome service for free and basically freeloading off those members who wish to pay for their service, and that consumerism is, on the whole, not a bad thing.

Will day of silence make a difference? Nope, not at all, not in a little bit. Why? Because the people who participate in day of silence are too lazy to move over to the "free" sites that use the same LJ open source code but not lazy enough not to whine about the whole "unfairness" of the situation.

I will also point out that one days strikes rarely do any good. Union strikes, hunger strikes, sit ins - all of those usually go on until their demands are met or until the police come to break them up. If you REALLY wanted to make a difference, you would deny LJ your business for as long as it took for them to realize that you and your community mean what you have to say.

And really, all you participants of Day of Silence are deluding yourself into thinking that SUP actually cares about you, your journal, your information, or what you post. They are just a business. And, with any business, you can chose to take yours elsewhere. Yes, it is a burden on you, and yes, you may lose some information (however, there are many free programs out there that will allow you to archive all your past entries), but if you are REALLY serious about "sending a message" to SUP, the removal of your money will send a greater message than the removal of your content..

If you would like more information on countering the LJ Day of Silence, I recommend this post by cortana and this post by theanklebiter. A quick google search for "lj day of silence" brings us this entry by theredzebra1. "content strike live journal" brings up a lot of pro-content strike links, but also a few "hey guys, let's not be lemmings" posts, such as this one by al_fuego.

Over in the "real world," there is an article posted on, LJ to be mute tomorrow.

Everybody has the ability to make their own informed decisions on what to do about their LJs tomorrow. You can chose not to post anything - efficiently silencing yourself in the hopes that SUP will listen to voices it never heard to begin with; you can chose to post a lot which could conceivably use up their bandwidth even more (this is particularly good if you have a non-paid account); or as one user suggested in the article, you can delete your account for one day - I'm sure they'd see THOSE numbers. Or, better yet, delete your account for the full 30 days...but...but...could you live without your livejournal for THAT LONG?
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