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I love my flist and I love that there are rational thinkers out there. Hoorah!

Anyways, I just want to put a little note out here that says the pigeons in San Francisco are crazy insane disease bags. On more than one occasion I have had to dodge a pigeon that was flying straight at my head.

The damn rat with wings assume they have the right of way in this city, I swear to god.

In other news - I AM NO LONGER WORKING EASTER! HOORAY! Instead, I will be working tomorrow night from 5-10pm. My dad is going to come up on Easter Sunday sometime and we will frolic around the city.

Oh - despite not waking up to exercise, I did manage to walk home from west portal tonight. It was sunny, a little chilly (enough to make my nose run) but I was reminded of how pretty that walk is and how awesome it is to be able to see the ocean.
You know what fixes confused pidgeons? Headbutt them right in the fucking face.
don't be hatin' on the pigeons! the History Channel tells me that the israelis raised pigeons, on purpose! (i guess they ate 'em, or something....) before you go head-butting the pigeons, find out if they're jewish first.