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My cousin strand put this one on his blog about, oh, three weeks ago and right now it's the one video that I have been showing EVERYBODY, so I figured I'd make it public so I don't have to do it on a one on one basis

What's sad is that I think I like this version better...I find myself singing it a lot when I'm doing little chores such as washing my dishes or cleaning out my boyfriend's fridge.

Our next video is, what I believe, what Dave Barry means when he says that guys only have one real relationship in their lives, and that is to their favorite sports team. I have seen this first hand what with my friend Mike's undying love for the Twins, Adam's devotion to the Mariners, and my brother Tom's polyamorous relationship to the Oakland A's and the DC Nationals.

I have two favorite parts: "Fremont is little more than a parking lot with a mayor," and the scene where the guy's bouncing in the trunk in the background. THank you, rananina, for sharing this with me.

Our final video is courtesy of iideliishii, who Rick Rolled me in style and flair when she sent me this:

It's perfect, simply perfect. Quite possibly the best Rick Roll I have ever seen.

In other news: We went on a 75 minute, 14.5 mile bike ride today and it was awesome. I also washed all the dishes and Jonathan dried them and put them away. THAT'S FUCKIN' TEEEEEEAM WOOOOOORK!
I saw that Rick Roll vid a few days ago and thought it was awesome. I want to know if that was just done with cuts or if it was an actual Muppet Show thing.
The Rick Roll vid is spliced together from an old Muppet Show clip where Beeker sings "Feelings." For your viewing enjoyment, I have added that vid here for you:

Gilbert & Sullivan Got Back is the most beautiful thang I have ever seen.
it will get stuck in your head, I promise you this....

"baby got baaaaaaack, baby got baaaaaaaaack, baby got baaaaaack, baby got BAAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAACK!"
OMG, Gilbert and Sullivan Baby Got Back is PURE GENIUS. I can't stop watching it, despite going blue in the fact from laughter.
So is ghost riding just a California thing? This is the first time I've heard of it. I've heard of Chiness fire drills (At a stop light everyone jumps out and switched places)