Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

I don't watch American Idol but I did tonight

Why? Because it's Andrew Lloyd Webber night! And let's be honest, Andrew Lloyd Webber IS the American Idol of the broadway world. This was determined when Kevin turned to me and asked "could you imagine them singing Sondheim?" We both paused and though about it for a second...and then burst out laughing.

One Rock and Roll too Many (Starlight Express)
As performed by Syesha
I've never heard this song before, but then I've never seen Starlight Express (broadway on rollerskates? Oh Andrew, what were you ON? Well, it was the 70s) but she really, really nailed it. It was like the song was made for her. She filled the theater and it was fantastic.

Memories (Cats)
As performed by Jason
I had some serious flashbacks to junior high talent shows, except some 13 year old girls can sing that song better. IT was just so, so, bad.....I mean, all of broadway is pretty much meant to be belted because it was created before we had awesome microphones. Broadway is bigger than life because you need a huge voice to be able to fill a room. Jason...doesn't. And it shows.

You Must Love Me (from the movie Evita)
As performed by Brooke
No, no I don't have to love you, Brooke. I don't even love Webber for writing this song for the movie. I don't love that movie (even though I own it, but that's just because it's Evita and I'm a sucker for that musical). You sucked at it, it was boring and lame and I wanted to plug my ears to keep the blood from flowing out of them. Of course, some of this isn't your fault - the song sucked to begin with. Screw you Andrew Lloyd Webber. Ugh.

Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera)
As performed by David (the younger)
It was sweet, I will give you that. It was better than the movie, I'll give him that. And I can see David (the younger) being the next Josh Groban, and he'll probably win this season, but that's what we expect from American Idol, isn't it?

Superstar (Jesus Christ, Superstar)
As performed by Carley
I think there is no song more fitting to be performed on American Idol than this one. I mean, think about it - go and look at the lyrics. Wait, here, I'll post some:
Tell me what you think
About your friends at the top
Now who d'you think besides yourself
Was the pick of the crop?

Follow that with "Do you think you're what they say you are?" I mean really now - what song best critiques the whole process of American Idol? The song itself was only sung alright - I would have wished for a little more presentation, but it's a hard song to sing, really. At least the girl belted it.

Music of the Night (Phantom of the Opera)
As performed by David (the older)
Meh. I hate writing about Idol. I think I'll stop now. I've made my point.
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