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Seeing how Iron Man ushered us into what may very well be the best summer of block busters since the summer I worked at the movie theater, I went on IMDB and put on my calendar all the movies I want to see so I don't forget anything. Here it is:

May 9 - Speed Racer
May 16 - Prince Caspian
May 23 - Indiana Jones

June 6 - Kung Fu Panda
June 13 - The happening
June 20 - Get Smart
June 27 - Wall*E

July 4 - Hancock
July 11 - HellBoy 2
July 18 - The Dark Knight, Mama Mia
July 25 - Step Brothers, X-Files

August 1 - The Mummy 3

Am I missing anything?
Tropic Thunder
Incredible Hulk
Tropic Thunder is a Maybe
Incredible Hulk is a NO
dude, Ed Norton is gonna be a kickass banner.

And Downey Jr has been delivering this year
My friend Jon works for the Great Ape Trust in Iowa, and has convinced me not to see anything with chimpanzee actors, so I'm out for that one.
For which one?

Speed Racer.
mamma mia?? As in the Abba musical?? I saw that a couple of years ago and it was great! I might have to check it out.
Yep! The musical! It's gonna be Abb-tastic!
That trailer nearly made me projectile vomit.
Hey - no one said YOU had to go, but seeing how I enjoy campy musicals, I'm so there!

You can go see Sex and the City. It's okay, we know you want to :-P