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Alright you guys, who's getting married on September 6th?

In the mail today I got a "save the date" card which is, quite possibly, one of the best I've ever seen. However, it doesn't tell me who it is! It directs me to a website though,


Doesn't tell you very much, does it?

So I viewed the source and found

a) a link to a youtube video and was then Rick Rolled
b) a site meter

I went to the site meter and saw that most of the visits are from Green Bay, with spatterings here and there from other parts. This leads me to suspect it's a fellow SNCer, but I have no idea who.

Also - the card was addressed to me and Jonathan, so it's someone who is up to date with my life, either on LJ or Facebook.

Anybody want to let me in on this? I'm feeling really bad because I don't know who's getting married in September except for David and Diana, and they're getting married on the 7th, so who ever's wedding this is I probably won't be able to attend!


::EDIT:: As of right now - 9:35pm PST, I am guessing that it's CJ and Elaine. Let my guess be known to all.

::Son of the EDIT:: If it IS CJ and Elaine, I am already trying to figure out how to attend both functions, which may involve me catching a red eye in order to be back in SF by the next morning. CJ and Elaine, I would do that for you :-P (but only CJ and Elaine. No one else. No, not even you)
That's a first. A wending invite that's an ARG
I got the same thing! I don't think it's CJ and Elaine, because mine was addressed to me, and I think it would be at least also addressed to Mike. I think it's probably thrying to get you to check out something on their webby site. That's my guess.
It's CJ and Elaine. They always spell Susie's name wrong as "Suzie." These sorts of details always trip up criminals.
P.S. Her last name is Kaster, not Herman.
(Deleted comment)
Hah! that's awesome that you found this!!

I'm pretty sure it's CJ and Elaine - what a way to keep us guessing!! :D

See you at the wedding ;)