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Okay guys...

I've decided to get an iPod nano. It's relatively inexpensive and suits what I need it for. And what do I need it for? I need it to watch TV episodes while I'm working out. I figure the best way for me to hit the eliptical is for me to have a reward while I do it. Half hour shows are 20 minutes, hour shows are 45 minutes.

So I'm asking you - if I were to get ONE season of any TV show from iTunes, what should I get? What am I not watching? I admit that I don't watch a lot of shows. I watch Lost and Ugly Betty. I don't have premium cable so I miss all those shows.

Here's the criteria - I need to be able to watch it while I'm doing hills on the eliptical. That's about it. What I guess this means is it needs to be captivating without overly mentally stressful.

So what say you - oh media whore of whom I love?
Battlestar Galactica

The new one. If you haven't watched it, start with season one.
alas!! Not on iTunes :(
30 Rock! Unless you're worried about falling off the machine while laughing...
grrr - also not on itunes!!! *shakes an angry fist*
I second Battlestar...if you can't get it through legit means, there is an obvious solution (Yes it is good enough that it would be worth it.)

I'd also recommend Arrested Development

damn you gerry!
My first thoughts were BSG and arrested development.

The Office is pretty enjoyable as well.
I win!

p.s. Brit (original) Office! Since it only had two seasons it was tightly focused and gave that brand of comedy a freshness that never really jumps the shark...I only watch the colonies version every once and while...it is funny...but it is clear they are just going to keep it going until it stops making them money.
it is on the network's website tho.
What? Dude, it totally used to be. I have the whole first season on my iPod! I apologize for taunting you with impossible dreams. :(
- Bee (at work)
Dexter is brilliant. I adore Burn Notice. Invisible Man (don't know if iTunes has this one, but I can hook you up). If you haven't been watching Middleman you should be.
I believe big bang theory is one i love and i don't watch many comedies.
i checked ... it's on itunes.
Burn Notice (hour)
Bones (hour, if you're not squeemish)
Arrested Development (half hour)
News Radio (half hour)
Third Rock from the Sun (half hour)

I don't know about iTunes availability on any of these, just that I enjoy them. Yes, I know most of them are far from current. I'm slow that way.
I second the Dexter. Excellent show (if it's available. If it's not on iTunes, definitely get the DVD)
P.S. I quite enjoy a dose of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report while I'm on the elliptical, too.

I've been on a BBC kick for a while now
I own some of these and can hook you up.

Black Books (own)
Coupling (have access to)
Ab Fab
Monarch of the Glen
Fawlty Towers (own)

(Deleted comment)

Love that show.

Get Spaced too!!
Saving Grace - great performance by Holly Hunter as a very conflicted police detective in Oklahoma City
Dexter - terrific performances & concept
The Closer - fine TV
Mad Men - before your time but great TV about Madison Avenue in the 60s where they get the details absolutely right
Do you need to buy a new iPod nano? I'm looking at selling my iPod Video 60gb. I don't have a working set of headphones for it, but do have everything else that came in the box. Also a microphone that plugs into the iPod itself...
Burn Notice.

Bruce. Campbell. He may have gotten older and pudgier - but still a riot.
It's sam, btw. ok, so i'm reading this a little late. No one mentioned it and you didn't list it in your shows you watch, but what about Heroes?

I'll also second big bang theory, as a lover of nerds you will probably really enjoy this show.