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Throwing up at the stop right as your bus pulls up to take you to work. THAT is NOT FUN.

I honestly can't remember the last time I threw up in public. OTC is closed right now so I emailed Louise with my symptoms and everything. I'm going to scrub the hell out of my water bottle (maybe microwave it?) and hope to god this isn't serious.

This sucks. I even got 30 minutes of work out this morning and my ipod nano is AWESOME. Fraggle Rock might just be the best thing to work out to.

Ugh. I feel so gross and so pissed that I'm not at work. I work on Saturday, though, so if I make it with no more puking today, I'll make sure I'll get that covered for Janey.

Waaaah! And WALL*E comes out today! I don't want to miss it!!!!
There's some kind of freaky stomach bug going around. I was sick last week, another few people have been out of the office too. don't worry - it's a little 24 hour thing that will be gone before you can even start feeling bad. Drink lots of water.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Which color did you end up getting?