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On Monday, June 30th I made a goal of working out on the elliptical for 30 minutes every morning monday through friday. I also wanted to spend my 30 minute lunch break walking around down town (mainly so I would just get out of my broom closet and get to see the sun).

I am proud to say that not only have I met that goal, I have exceeded it!! I just got done with 50 minutes on the elliptical - on a SATURDAY no less! I also got 40 extra minutes of walking in yesterday when, due to time delays, Jonathan was going to be late picking me up. I texted him that I was just going to start walking to the bar in north beach and he could pick me up along the way. I walked from Salt House almost all the way to Kennedy's Irish Curry Bar - a full mile and a half away - on a wonderfully warm late summer evening.

Now I'm not all elated because of YAY WONDERFUL HEALTH BENEFITS - pfffffsh, whatever. I'm elated because I set a goal for myself and I have followed through with it. Don't get me wrong - I still HATE waking up early in order to get my ass on the elliptical. I still would MUCH rather lay in the sun reading instead of walking around on my lunch. But I feel so proud that I have accomplished this goal and feel like I can keep it up (and even add more to it!) as I continue.

Also - last night was AWESOME. It was Jimmy and Jonathan's combined birthday bash at Kennedy's Irish Pub and Curry House. I had some shrimp sagwala that I almost left Jonathan for. I got to hang out with tons of people who I haven't seen for a while and even meet new ones. There's some photos floating around of me that are pretty priceless. I drove home a very drunk Jonathan who wins points by not throwing up until we got out of the car. Overall - it was a great night out.

Now to find a place to live in a month...
When you have some good CL leads, if they have addresses and stuff on them, you should tell me them. I can tell you what the neighborhood their in is like, how close to transport that takes you where, and food places nearby , all that.

Lemme know, dear!
That was a great night--I had so much fun! I'm still looking and trying to make this September thing work...keep me posted, and I'll keep you posted--building up a 'nest egg' again in a short amount of time really sucks. I applied to 8 jobs in the area, though!