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1) The American gymnast looks like she really, REALLY wants to punch the living daylights out of the chinese gymnast behind her. I'm serious - the poor woman is radiating hate waves as if she were in a cartoon. I'd pay good money to see that fight though.

2) I have absolutely no idea what Bela Karoli just said in regards to the tie breaker. All I heard was a very angry man with a thick accent.
I agree. I also think thatduring the medal ceremony her dad looked like he wanted to rip the medal away from that chinese pre-teen.
Bela basically said the tiebreaker was crap and that it never should have been created, since it makes the gymnastics world look like it does not embody the Olympic spirit (which I agree with).

As for Nastia...yeah, if looks could kill, she'd be a nuclear bomb.