Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Feeling Pretty Chipper

Things are going pretty darn good - now let's not jinx it!

Yesterday, Kevin, Tara, Jonathan and I all met up in Albany and signed our lease! We then had dinner at a great Indian restaurant on Solano Ave to celebrate and talk about moving and housing stuffs. We had a great time and we're very excited to get this whole move done and over with!

Our neighborhood is awesome. It's bike friendly, in walking distance of tons of ethnic restaurants, a Safeway, Longs Drugs, an independent movie theater, a library, and a YMCA. We're walking distance from two BART stations, two blocks away from a transbay bus, and a bike ride away from Berkeley. There's a few bars within stumbling distance as well. All in all I am really looking forward to this move. I'll be sad to leave San Francisco, but it's only a BART ride away and I'll still be working in the city.

In other news, the weight loss is going well, even though I have been having some real food mixed in. The last two weeks have been really hard, split evenly due to stress of finding an apartment, being on my period, and exercising too much.

Yes - that's right. I determined I was exercising TOO MUCH.

When you're consuming about 800 calories a day, anything over 400 minutes of exercise a week is too much. It wasn't that I was pushing myself too hard (just enough to break a sweat, get my heart rate up, etc) but that I was just doing too much with too few calories. I've toned it down a bit this week (alternating elliptical with my lunch walks) and as a result I have been feeling less ravished, less focused on food, and more relaxed and happy. I am realizing how much of a balance is needed. I look forward to realimenting so that I can consume more calories only so that I can do more exercise! The endorphin rush I get from an hour on the elliptical is pretty darn awesome, but I would much rather have that without the cost of my own health.

Right now I think I'm going to go throw all the clothes I don't plan on wearing for the week in suitcases so that on Saturday, Jonathan and I can start moving things from my apartment over. I'd like to get all my clothes, the books and movies, maybe the bookshelves and a few other things over there by the end of Saturday. On Sunday while I'm at work, Kevin and Jonathan will move most of Kevin's stuff (the things he doesn't need this week) and maybe they'll move the pecan dresser over there too (wink wink, nudge nudge, Kevin I know you're reading this!).

Oh - and we have a fireplace! And I just KNOW the panoramic picture of Lake Superior is going to look GREAT over the mantle!
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