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On Friday, September 5th, Jonathan and I will be in MILWAUKEE!!! We're flying in at 6pm and staying with Carolyn for the night (we drive to Madison the next morning).

We will be hanging out in Milwaukee for that night! Do you want to hang with us? y/y?

PS - I can has sinus infection? NOOOOOOO! MY ANTIBIOTICS!!!!
Count me in!
Sweet! I'll keep you posted!
Through the powers of the internet, you've given me your ailment. Yesterday upon waking up, I could feel it coming on... DAMN YOU! (probably not a sinus infection, but a bitch all the same).

Can't Wait for Friday!

On another note.....guess who's coming to Milwaukee for New Year's Eve..... CAAAAAAAAAAKE!!! Again!!! Shame you're all the way in California, and I'll probably be moved out by then. But, still a nice thought :)