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-- I sliced off the tip of my right ring finger using a mandolin on Sunday, continuing the theory that I should never be in the kitchen.

-- you can customize your own romance novel and have it printed for $40. It's absolutely hilarious.

-- I missed Heros last night, but that's why we have hulu

-- Christopher Moore is just plain wonderful. Go read his work.

-- I am attempting to clean the house up a bit. Kind of hard when you can really only use one hand.

-- I need to go on a bike ride today.

-- It's autumn. Now starts the season of massive consumption of food (just kidding).
Well, this site is more like an "insert your own name" type thing. It's not like your own personal book or anything, just customized for you and your friends.

If you are looking just to self publish some of your books, there are a few sites out there that will do it, such as Lulu.com

And hello back! :D