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I have never really done any international travel before. Well, I did go to Australia with my family many, MANY years ago, but I wasn't really involved in the mass packing that was involved besides making sure I had enough socks and undies to last me through the trip.

So now I'm asking you guys - MANY of you, I know, have done some awesome traveling (of which I'm very jealous), so I hope you guys can help. I'm pretty clueless here, but I have some idea of what I need. Perhaps you guys can point me into the right direction.

We Will Need:
A suitcase for the both of us: Nothing HUGE because I'm fairly sure that Jonathan's parents have a washer and dryer, so we can do a load of laundry and cut down on the amount of clothes we have to take with us. Any kind of suitcase you guys really like?

A day pack: I don't cary purses with me because I rely on my pockets, but I KNOW that's not gonna fly in Malaysia. Any good ideas? Something that would hold wallets, a camera, passports, etc, that would be reletivly safe and not scream out STEAL ME! I CONTAIN VALUABLES!

Anything else that I can't think of : We will not be taking any of our laptops, but will be taking an extra back pack with things to keep us busy on the plane and a set of spare clothes (you never know what's going to happen to your checked luggage). Is there something that I am completely over looking?

Thanks in advance for all your help! I am so clueless when it comes to these sort of things!
You may may a small fanny pack like thingy to keep under you cloths so you can keep your passport and money guarded and on your body. The airport has some shops that sell nice thin ones one at reasonable prices.

When I went to Africa, I had one that was basically a wallet on a loop that I tucked inside my shorts. To quote Robert Redford in The Sting "Ain't a tough guy in the world gonna frisk you there"
You might want to get a power adapter for your electronics as I can almost guarantee Malaysia has different plug-in than America. Jonathan's parents might have them, but you'll want your own. REI sells them.

If you're going to be using your cell phone while you're there, you might need to call your provider and have them "unlock" you so you can call internationally. You also might need to buy a temporary sim card while you're there so you're not charged an arm and a leg to make calls on your regular card.

For a backpack, maybe look into one of those sling-type bags. Like the kind you carry a baby in, but for belongings. Those don't have zippers that pickpocketers can easily access and only the opening is tight against your body.

You might also want to bring some cute, going-out clothes, so if you end up going to a nice restaurant or something, you won't have to feel scrubby in your tourist clothes.
As far as carrying valuables around, one of those packs that slide around your waist under your clothes might be really helpful, if you are going to areas where there is a lot of theft or just want to feel at east. Something such as this.

If you can, sling your camera around your neck, don't just keep in on your shoulder; it's much easier to slide a camera off a shoulder.

Also, pack light, less than you think you need. You can always buy things that your forget; Kuala Lumpur is a pretty modern city with some pretty spiffy shopping malls (that are fun to check out and a great way to get out of the heat regardless if you need anything). You might even be able to get away with a big backpack for each of you, if you can do laundry every few days. You will not need any sweaters, etc from what I remember about Malaysia; it's effing hot and humid (except maybe for the plane ride, and indoors if they're blasting the air conditioning to high hell, so maybe pack one light jacket/sweater).

Also, have ridiculous amounts of fun and post pictures prettypleasewithacherryontop?
I think it is better to travel with 2 bags that you can carry rather than one big bag that is very heavy. Pita and I travel with backpacks. I got mine at target and it works fine. He got his at REI. He likes to travel with a day pack, I prefer a bag that goes across my chest because I can carry my backpack and still be able to get into my bag. We like to be able to carry our own stuff when we travel. For my upcoming trip to Boston. Israel and Spain I can't carry a backpack, so I am taking a wheely bag. Either way, the important part is that you should be able to carry your own bag.

You won't need that much stuff for Malaysia. Think of what you would take with you to the beach for a week, and then add some slightly more dressy stuff. If you are not going to be in touristy areas, I would bring slightly more conservative clothes. Shorts are probably a bit much even for Malaysia. I'd make sure to have at least one nicer outfit - maybe a dress that folds well and sandals. Bring bug repellant and a hat and comfortable walking shoes. Bring twice as much underwear as you think you need. Bring 2 bathing suits. Bring your ipod.

Scan your passport and email the scan to yourself. email the numbers of your credit cards to yourself. Call the credit card before you go to tell them you are going to Malaysia so that they don't cancel your card for weird charges. That is a huge pain in the ass if it happens.
I agree with Mary's suggestion for a sling type bag for your day pack. I have one that I've had since high school that I've taken all over Costa Rica, London, a month in Scotland, and pretty much every trip I've ever been on right down to weekends in Green Bay. The one I have is similar to this one. It can also be your airline carry on.

As for a suitcase, any one of those sets of 2 or 3 pieces you can get at Target will be fine. They usually involve a bigger rolling suitcase and a smaller one that can nest inside it. I would recommend packing with the smaller one nested inside the bigger one, then you have the smaller one empty for souvenirs when you come back.