Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Damn, what's up with me and posting today?

So lately I've gotten back into the crafting thing. It's been a lot of fun and been keeping my hands busy which is always good. Busy hands mean I don't snack and I feel more productive than just playing Lego Batman until my brian jellifies.

I've been crocheting again. To be specific, I've been creating amigurumi which is a little bit like a heroin addiction except cute and not as pricey or dangerous. So far I'm almost done with two crocheted cthulhus. One is for Jonathan and made out of green cotton yarn (picture visible on my facebook). The other is for my cousin Mike for his little girl Lilith, made out of pink acrylic (pictures will be posted when I'm done). Right now I'm stuck on the wings. The one for jonathan I'll use the pattern that requires pipecleaner. For Lilith, I'm just going to crochet the ribs and then use a contrasting pink material to make puffy webbing. I've got a few other projects in the works, but they're going to be christmas pressies, so I have to keep hush hush.

Right now I just made an awesome discovery while I was at Joanne's today. BAMBOO YARN. There is no way to accurately describe how mind blowingly soft this yarn is. Silky smooth, light and airy, if you have EVER slept on bamboo sheets (now available at you might have a good idea. I bought a skein of it today (at a pricey $5!) and now I need to figure out something to make.

Kaela, do you think your baby needs bamboo booties or a blankie or something? Does anybody need something made from bamboo? For you crafters - what SHOULD I make from bamboo yarn?
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