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We left Albany at 3:30 on Friday after filling the car with gas at $1.88 a gallon, grabbing some taco bell for the road, and filled the CD player with "Brave New World" as read by Michael York. Jonathan took the wheel and we headed bravely north. Well, northerly I should say. We cruised at pre-rush hour traffic on 80 headed east bound until we caught up with 505 and really started to head north. Somewhere just past Oregon we switched places and I took over, meaning I got to drive through the dark and foggy mountains at 9pm behind semis. Not only that, the CD player only held six CDs, but "Brave New World" was SEVEN CDs and Jonathan had picked that time to take a nap when my audio book shut off and I was left with the barren waste land that is the radio waves of southern Oregon which, I might add, are not pretty. So there I was, gripping the wheel as I was taking turns around and around - hoping that either the fog would end, the mountains would end or - god willing - both, and the only thing I could find was a radio station playing nonstop Christmas carols hosted by John Tesh telling any listeners how to spot a con artists who would prey on single women.

It was a very long leg of the trip.

Jonathan woke up at around midnight, soon after my boisterous rendition of "What Child is This," and agreed that I had been through enough and he would gladly drive the last hour to Portland. We found our hotel just fine and promptly fell asleep. It was AWESOME.

Saturday we woke up around 9:30 so we could check out the free breakfast offered by our hotel, only to find a few cold bagels, a few muffins and some sad looking cereal. Luckily, across the street for our hotel was Kenny & Zuke's deli. It was good, stick to the ribs food, so even though Powells was just a mere block away, we knew we had to go for a walk.

We strolled down Stark St toward the river, then northernly where we found an open market of local artists selling their wares. We were stopped by a little old lady gathering money for the holiday meal for the homeless and were mistaken for a married couple. She even ogled my hand looking for a ring, and then offered her services as a baker for our wedding cake. How sweet. After finding a hat for myself and a gift for a family member, we finally made our way back to Powells.

Oh my god Powells. Rooms upon rooms of books. Books...everywhere. Nothing but books. Every kind of book, scattered through out the place in color coordinated rooms in which you need a map to navigate through. Benches to sit on and simply take in the view of the mountainous hoard of fantastic books. We had to limit our time there becase if we spent just one more minute there, we would have no money left to enjoy the rest of the trip. So after about 2 and a half hours, we grabbed our purchases and fled the whole half a block back to the hotel. We offloaded and then tried to find out how to go to the sushi place that was recommended to us.

Okay - so when I told my friend Sarah that we were going to Portland she said that we need - nay - MUST go to Yoko's sushi. I asked her over IM if it was worth it, seeing how it was on the other side of the river from our hotel, you know - REALLY worth it. There was a pause in the IM conversation as Sarah went through minor conniptions as, I am quite sure, she tried to figure out how to explain just how awesome Yoko's Sushi is. And it did not dissapoint. Jonathan and I had a fantastic dinner and we made sure to tell them how highly their wonderful little place came recommended. I even shared with them the direct quote from Sarah "OMG the Taka's Tuna. I wish it was in my mouth right now!" They loved it.

After dinner we decided to relive our first date and take in a movie, so we went to go see Australia.

Australia deserves a post on its own. I will not recommend this movie to some people, but I will recommend it to others. You must love Baz Lurhman, that's a given. Also, loving Hugh Jackman helps. Like I said - it deserves it's own post. That will come.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. We drove back down Sunday morning and got in at about 8:30 - tired, road weary, but very happy to have gone up to spend a weekend just with the two of us in a beautiful town on a nice sunny day. It's so much fun to be wonderfully and deliciously in love.
Since you have hotlinks to everything else, here is a hotlink to Powell's. http://www.powells.com/ :)
They did a focus group screening of Australia at the MOA about six months ago, and my mom and I went. It was all secretive and they didn't tell us what movie it was beforehand and threatened us with pain of death and lawsuit if we talked about it on the internet. The version we saw had a different ending. I liked it fine the way it was, but apparently many members of the focus group (my mom included) found it to be too sad, so it was re-shot. I don't want to be spoilery for those who haven't seen it, but someone died who did not die in the theatrical version. Anyway, it was cool to see all the changes they made. Adam was really sad he didn't get to go because he loves Baz Lurhmann, and Baz was actually there at the focus screening, hiding in the back.
I made sure to do unspeakable things on your bed while you were away--

Welcome home, sugar!
So happy for you guys, sounds like a great albeit short trip. I'm glad you finally made it to Mecca, I mean Powells. Did you know there's a waiting list to apply to work there! Yea for schmoopy anniversaries! Call me if and when you're in Davis for the holidays.
Psst! getyourwordsout might be of interest to you. I wanna hear more about Todd damn it!

Good to know that Powells attempted to eat you too. It's almost too big of a store really.

Okay I love you, bye-bye.