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Dear All:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I had a fantastic Christmas which I am kicking myself for not writing down - either here or other places. Will get around to that. In short: it was awesome socks.

To EVERYBODY who gave me travel advice: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We would have made it with out checking luggage except JOnathan's mom wanted us to bring A LOT of stuff. Sigh. But I have packed less than what I think I'll need. I got a money belt for christmas. I am only *slightly* anxious about the whole travel thing, but will be fine when I get to Malaysia.

Please expect my next post to be: Hong Kong in Five Hours.

I Love You ALL and will post awesomness soon.

Kiss Kiss and Yay for 2009!
Bon Voyage!
Doing bad things on your bed until you return! Have a nice trip! :D