Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

You learn interesting things from IMDB

On the plane to and from Malaysia, one of the movies we got was Eagle Eye. I never saw it in theaters so I figured a 13 hour flight was a good opportunity to watch it. But this post really isn't about Eagle Eye, well, it is. Kind of. In a way.

I'm sort of obsessed with IMDB. IT's actually my home page when I open my web browser and has been since college. Any time I watch a movie I end up going on there, just to see if there's stuff I'm missing.

In the trivia section for Eagle Eye it states that "during filming an F.B.I. Agent told him (Shia LaBeouf) and the cast that 1 in every 5 phone calls someone makes is recorded. To prove this, the agent had him (LaBeouf) listen to a phone call he made 2 years prior to filming."

If this is true (and who knows, it could be) I think every call I make on my cell phone I'm going to say sometime during it "I know you're listening and you can get the fuck off of my line" or try to make some crack about their mother or lack thereof. Nothing along the lines of terrorism or any shit (I just want to piss em off, not get arrested). But I mean, you never know. Or maybe I could pause and ask the guy how his day is going.

If you knew that your own line was basically being tapped (as apparently all cell phones are) what would you say?
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