Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

"It's Beowulf with Jesus and Aliens"

Go see Outlander.

Well, go see Outlander if you can find a theater that's showing it, that is.

What's Outlander? you ask me. I know how you feel - I didn't know anything about it either until my friend Jimmy told me that it was basically Beowulf if Beowulf was a spaceman who landed in a Viking village and Grendle was an alien monster.

This is what happens: A spaceman crash lands outside a viking village, but he brings with him an alien who's on a murderous rampage fueled by revenge. A nearby fishing village is destroyed and the vikings think the spaceman did it, when really it was the alien. There's a lot of fighting.
    Highlights of the movie include:
  • Ron Perlman as a Viking King

  • The spaceman is played by the guy who was Jesus in The Passion of the Christ

  • Arguably the best decapitation scene in a movie EVER

  • A female character who despite being captured and waking up on a pile of ratting corpses, DOES NOT PLAY a damsel in distress, yet also does not play a "she-woman-man-hater" either. She simply kicks ass and is a woman.

Outlander is bloody, violent, and absolutely ridiculous yet highly entertaining for because of that. It is amazingly fun in the same way that Rambo 4 was simply fantastic. It is what entertaining movies should be: fun, exciting, action, love, adventure, drama. It's not self aware, it's not trying for an award, it's not dumb and it doesn't perceive the audience as dumb either. It's just fun. Not bad, just fun.
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