I got off work early on Friday and headed back to the east bay where Jonathan picked me up at the bart station. We went home where we proceeded to get into a tickle fight. It was as if we were ten years old - I still have rug burn on my elbow. Winded from wrestling and laughing too hard, we found movie listings and headed over to Shattuck Theaters for a 5:45 showing of Crank 2.

Shattuck Theaters has two of theaters sponsored by the lovesac. The normal seats were all replaced with giant love seat couches with beanbags up at the very front. I was able to cuddle right up to Jonathan as we watched the most ridiculous action movie ever. Neither of us had seen the first Crank, but it didn't really matter all that much. It was exactly what the trailers made it out to be, mindless action.

Afterwards we went to dinner at the thai place right behind our apartment. Food was good and spicy. We picked up a copy of the first Crank and watched it at home. I think I liked the 2nd one better, but that's just me.

On Saturday I hoofed it over to the bart station to make it to work by 10. About a month and a half ago I started walking to the Bart station instead of just taking the bus to work. It costs the same amount but I get a good 30 minute walk and I usually do it again in the evenings. Work was slow but I had my crosswords so that kept me busy. I walked home and waited with Jonathan and Kevin for people to show up for movie night. We watched Starship Troopers and The Warriors. A fantastic mix aided by the 40s that most people were drinking. Jonathan fell asleep with his shoes on and Kevin handed me a sharpie. Perhaps that wasn't the wisest thing to do but eh, Jonathan laughed the next morning.

Sunday was a lazy lazy day. Jeff spent the night on our couch so I awoke to him, Kevin, and Jonathan watching King Corn in our living room. I took my weekly pictures of our garden and you can see the full set over here.
Here's my favorite shot:

So yeah, good weekend was had. Nice date night on Friday, great time with friends on Saturday, chill day with the roommates on Sunday. Now it's back in the grind at work.