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My friend Carolyn (chaos_ensues) is currently spending a semester abroad in Wales. She asked me if there was anything I wanted and I asked her for Dr Who Cookie Kit that I saw online a while ago.

Sure enough, in the mail today, I GOT THEM!!!

Carolyn, you SO ROCK!!

And I totally know what I'm doing this weekend. Pictures will follow.
When did this come? I love Carolyin at this moment in time. Hehe. Basically, I want a Dalek for a cookie!. Nom, Nom, I want a Dalek. mmmhmmhmmhmm.
is this Kevin and are you drunk?

That is so awesome!!!!!
Dude, that is excellent! People brought me Doctor Who wrapping paper from London, but I can't bake that into something delicious, so I'm pretty sure you win.
Too cool!
Whoa, they got there! That was fast! You'll have to let me know how they turn out :)

p.s. There were more on the shelf....
I think you could probably set up a nice little business shipping Dr Who Cookie Kits to the States, judging by the responses here....

Side note: did you know that you can turn your facebook language to "pirate"?
Heh, I could be the Amazon middleman :P

I noticed someone else on facebook said they turned the language to pirate, too... I guess I'll have to jump on the pirate ship.